Within an Operating Contract, the pro machine remains the property of Nespresso. The machine is provided to the Customer, subject to an agreed minimum monthly coffee consumption for a minimum duration and from then on, subject to a cancellation notice period of 3 months. The reference price for Pro Capsules is the Operating Tariff price. The Operating Tariff price comprises an increment versus the Sales Tariff price to cover the costs of machine depreciation and service.


Our representatives will be delighted to investigate your coffee needs and propose the ideal coffee solution for your establishment. The machines are placed by our service department free of charge and then you can easily start ordering your capsules according to your needs. In case of consumption changes our representatives will help you adjust your coffee solutions to your different needs.

Loan Benefits

  • Custom made solution for your business needs.
  • Free of charge machine placement
  • Possibility to adjust your machine type according to your consumption needs.
  • Easy control your orders and consumption

Minimum costs per month

ZENIUS: 200 capsules/ month
GEMINI: 500 capsules/ month
AGUILA 220: 1900 capsules/ month
AGUILA 420: 3000 capsules/ month
TOWER: 600-900 capsules/ month

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