Iced coffee at the office is a precious delight every moment of the day

Nespresso Professional invites us into a new world of flavorful pleasures.

It’s officially summer now… The sun is scorching, η the temperature is rising, but most of us, instead of relaxing, have to face our demanding work reality. And despite the differences in workspaces and professions, there’s one common phenomenon that almost all of us can see daily: many people enjoying iced coffee throughout their day.

It’s no secret of course that coffee is the “soul” of many businesses and offices worldwide.. People ove everything about the most popular beverage: the taste, the aroma, the energy it gives them in the morning after the first sip, and how it makes them feel awake and ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Many studies have shown and highlighted the many health benefits of coffee consumption. But why is it so popular in its iced form?

Iced coffee contains  less acidity/strong>  than hot coffee, so most of us need fewer sweeteners to reduce the bitter taste.Consuming less sugar and fat results in a healthier brain and body, making us more energetic and productive. Moreover, according to a study by the University of Birmingham, moderate consumption of iced coffee provides hydration similar to water. Thus, these refreshing “shots” automatically boost our mood.

freddo cappuccino and freddo espresso

However, the increasing passion for the iced beverage has a hidden reason: those who prefer coffee tend to show higher happiness levels, and a lower risk of depression.

This particular benefit is even more evident in the case of iced coffee, as its consumption is associated with a moment of pleasure and relaxation, despite the difficulties and challenges that exist in a hectic day. It’s our small but essential and precious enjoyment, helping us to unwind and regroup, momentarily putting the chaos around us “on ice.”

And while some may believe that iced coffee is a trend primarily favored by Μillennials and Gen Z, this is not the case. On the contrary, as revealed by the 2020 Allegra World Iced Coffee report, the consumption of cold coffee beverages is steadily increasing across different generations, with 29% of consumers aged 45 to 59 and around 27% aged 30 to 44.

Nespresso Professional, a companion, and comrade in creating the perfect iced coffee throughout the year, especially on hot summer days, invites us to a new dimension of our favorite beverage; with the press of a button, we will discover a new world of flavors in the varieties we already know and love.

The experts at Nespresso Professional have put all their art into it, and…the Zenius professional coffee machine was born. With 18 coffee varieties that satisfy all taste buds at any time of the day, Zenius creates the perfect refreshing drink and becomes our personal barista at the office.

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Now, we can have our precious pleasure anytime during the day, with the assurance that only Nespresso Professional can provide.


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