Coffee at the office: A precious ally for sustainability

Coffee at the office: A precious ally for sustainability

Enriching the office with a flavorful and sustainable coffee culture creates a workspace that empowers and inspires.

In today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape, businesses increasingly recognize the crucial role of educating employees in achieving goals and cultivating a thriving work environment. Simultaneously, due to the crises we are experiencing, there is a growing need to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and minimize waste. By combining these two pillars, businesses can transform their offices into advanced hubs that prioritize the satisfaction of their people while advocating for zero-waste initiatives. But how can the effort to adopt zero waste practices be harmoniously combined with enjoying a perfect cup of coffee at work?

Coffee as a key player in sustainable development

Imagine this: a bustling office with employees enjoying high-quality coffee that fuels their creativity and brings positive changes to the world. It sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s time to make it a reality.

From unique single-origin blends to organic and sustainable beans, Nespresso Professional has the solution for every taste and need. Providing a wide range of varieties, allows every organization to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

However, a touch of luxury is needed in the coffee experience to achieve the best result. And that means every business should invest in a professional machine, such as the Zenius from Nespresso Professional. Zenius is ideal for meeting rooms, reception areas, office spaces, kitchens, catering, hotel meeting rooms, and seminar spaces, as it is user-friendly, efficient, and fast, with the ability to prepare up to 70 beverages per hour. It’s worth noting that the Zenius heats water in less than 25 seconds and features a power-saving switch to conserve energy. This particular machine uses only the precise amount of ground coffee, water, and energy required for each cup.

Regarding taste and remaining committed to sustainable development, Nespresso Professional continues its long-standing partnership with the Rainforest Alliancethrough the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, which aims to ensure the supply of top-quality coffee using sustainable methods.

The company works closely with coffee growers and their communities, creating partnerships that promote quality, sustainability and productivity. From the natural properties of the soil to support for entrepreneurs and retirement savings, the purpose of the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program is to address the unique needs of each region and provide deep support for the local ecosystem and socio-economic parameters.

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Recycling and composting

 Nespresso Professional has become a valuable ally in every office’s “green” transition, as its commitment to sustainable development is ingrained in its DNA, from coffee production and the design of professional machines to the services it offers partners, such as aluminum capsule recycling and coffee recycling.

All coffee capsules produced by the company are made from aluminum, which, in addition to being recyclable, is one of the best materials for preserving the quality and flavor of coffee for an extended period. Each capsule is recycled through a simple circular process, and can be used to produce other items, such as a Vélosophy bicycle or a simple pen. As for coffee residues, they are composted and used as natural fertilizer.


By embracing small, but eco-friendly choices, the art of coffee can significantly contribute to sustainability and the coveted achievement of zero resource waste.


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