Recycling coffee capsules: A green transition in the office

Every recycled capsule is another significant step towards a more sustainable world.

In an era of climate concerns, businesses are reevaluating their practices to embrace sustainability. Η Nespresso Professional, committed to the fight for a better environment, supports this daily effort towards sustainability.

Sustainable coffee at the push of a button

Nespresso Professional’s commercial coffee machines are the most valuable ally for every workspace. A prime example is Zenius, a coffee machine with high energy efficiency that offers a wide range of hot and cold coffee varieties. Zenius uses only the necessary amount of coffee, water, and energy for each cup, serving the perfect quantity and quality at the push of a button. Additionally, in combination with the Aeroccino, it can prepare even more drinks with animal and plant milk.

Regarding taste, Nespresso Professional continues its long-term project with the Rainforest Alliance through the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, It aims to ensure the supply of top-quality coffee using sustainable methods while supporting the producers of the communities it works with.

Recycling as corporate responsibility

Nespresso’s commitment to sustainable development is reflected in all its actions. From the production of the beans to the design of the professional machines, it continues the services offered to its partners, such as recycling the aluminum of the capsules and the coffee.

Nespresso did not choose aluminum by chance. Besides being recyclable, it is one of the best materials for preserving quality while ensuring the intensity of the coffee’s flavor and aroma over a long period. Moreover, through a simple circular process, where aluminum is separated from the coffee beans, each capsule is recycled, gaining new life as a different everyday object, like a Vélosophy bicycle, a simple pen, or coffee capsules. As for the coffee remnants, they are composted and used as a natural fertilizer and soil improver.

Recycling capsules in three simple steps

Η Nespresso Professional gives its partners the ability to recycle the capsules in three simple steps:

  • It provides recycling bags for free through the Nespresso Professional Showroom, call center, or website.
  • It suggests filling the recycling bag with used capsules up to the “maximum amount” indication and sealing it.
  • Finally, they can bring the bag to the nearest Nespresso apsule recycling point, to the Nespresso Professional Showroom, or hand it over to the courier of the order.

It’s worth noting that the Nespresso Professional program is not limited to the coffee consumed in the workplace. Employees can bring used capsules from home and place them in the office recycling bags, thus contributing even more to the effort for a more sustainable lifestyle. In companies and hotels with high consumption Nespresso Professional provides a particular recycling bin for capsules for free.

As the global community faces the challenges brought by climate change, businesses recognize the need to adapt and positively contribute to the environment. Recycling coffee capsules may seem like a small step, but it’s a significant move toward building a sustainable workspace. Organizations can reduce their environmental impact by prioritizing green initiatives and inspiring changes that promote a harmonious relationship between the business ecosystem and the planet.


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