What can I do when my Gemini CS 220 no longer works properly?

Capsules fall through

If the capsule falls through after inserting, please smooth down the edge of the capsule and check if there is a capsule still in the brewing unit. If yes, please use the manual ejection and try it again.

Machine does not start

If the machine does not start, please check if the main cable is connected to the machine.

Machine is blocked

If the machine is blocked and you have no access to the menu, please press the following key combination:

•             Version 1: left side: Ristretto-/ Lungo-/ On button

•             Version 2: left side: Ristretto- / Espresso-/ Lungo button

Water underneath the machine

If there is water underneath your machine, please check the direct water connection and if necessary please put it on OFF.

If these tips don’t help you to achieve the desired solution, please call our customer service daily 24/7 at 210 67 11 007. We will be happy to assist you.

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